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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Beginning

It is the school holidays and I am sitting in the library, attempting to hide from the librarians.

I think that this is a fitting introduction to my blog. It introduces the theme's of my blog.

Library - the key word in that first sentence, represents the fact that I love to surround myself with books and that I am a lover of books. Or.... a "Book Monster" See "about me" for more information on "Book Monster". It can be deduced that this blog will obviously be about books.

However, "attempting to hide from the librarians" suggests drama in my own life.
I've decided that I don't want to write a blog just about books, even though my name suggests this. I want to also write about the drama's in my own life. In a way, by writing this blog I am writing my own book about my life. So the connection to books is still there.

Okay, so why am I hiding from the librarians?

My local library and I basically have a long history. It is incredibly rare that I find that I don't have fines on my card. This is because I don't get the opportunity to go to the library all the time, and I usually have to walk half an hour to get there.
Whilst some of the librarians remember me as the girl that borrows a heap of books in the holidays and cannot stop asking questions about books, there are particular librarians that remember me for another reason.
This is probably because on the occasions when I try and sneakily borrow at the "self-borrow station", in the hope that it won't detect that I have fines, it beeps like crazy, telling me to go and "see attendant".
When I finally have no choice but to go up, they give me a knowing look that conveys... "We know that you have fines". I know it doesn't sound that horrible, but the library is a very quiet place and everyone can hear your conversations at the front desk.
So being told off for library fines, is a big thing for me.

So last week, I felt that I might just get a new library card as I always use my sister's (we paid off the fines, don't worry!)......... and I was afraid that I might have fines on my old card and didn't want to be humilated again. So I wanted to start a new slate.

Perhaps I should have just said that I lost my old library card, but then that would have caused confusion. The explanation, I am afraid will have to remain open ended to you my readers, as I would be letting personal details float about the internet.

Anyway, I wanted a new library card, but there is this particular librarian, who we shall call "E", who remembers me for my fines and not for my love of books.

She is one of those people who attempt to be nice but end up just being mean because of it.

I waited anxiously for her to go into the back room and I saw my chance, I ran up to the front to hand up my slip for a new library card, only to be embarrassed when I was told that I needed more identification.

I felt too much like a criminal, so I decided to hide from the librarians, just in case they told "E" what had happened and she and told them that I already did have a library card. Which as I let it play it out in my mind would have landed me in prison!!

However, having to return books and DVD's, ON TIME might I add, I have come back.
This is in the expectation of dramatic spy music playing on my arrival, and the librarians pulling out massive guns in an attempt to kill me. Alas, as I finish writing this blog, I have realised that the whole event has been an anti-climax.

But then again, I haven't borrowed just yet. So there is still a chance of a showdown. Gulp.

The moral of the story is.... well half finished. But here's the beginning "Don't try and get a new library card when you have fines on your old one."
The rest of the moral will arrive soon, when I muster up the courage to pay my fines on my library card.

I hope this has been an interesting read, and look out for a review in a little while and perhaps a continuation to this post.

P.S Whoa, I was combing through the stacks of the library, when a lady besides me "passed wind". I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to embarrass her by looking at her, so I didn't acknowledge it. Her daughter, however kept saying "mum" and the mother tried to ignore her daughter but they couldn't hold back their laughter.

I handled it well, and walked away so that they could laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
This will be a story that I will tell for years to come.

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